Don’t Forget the Small Stuff – Top Travel Accessories

If you’re off on a trip, whether it’s a two week holiday or a six month equivalent of the Grand Tour, you need to make sure you’ve packed everything. It’s easy to make a list of the big stuff you need to take with you, but often, it’s the little things that really matter. The right travel accessories can make your journey easier, safer and more comfortable, so don’t forget the small stuff.

Wherever you’re travelling to, and no matter how long you’re away for, you’ll have a limited amount of space, so you can’t fill your luggage with unnecessary travel accessories. That means it’s important to choose the accessories that have real practical advantage. Top tips include:

Travel adaptor – it may seem like an obvious choice, but you’d be amazed at how many people arrive at their destination only to find they can’t plug in their laptop, phone charger or hair straighteners. A worldwide travel adaptor is designed to work with a variety of socket systems so that you don’t have a problem docking when you need to.

Ear plugs – for many travellers, this is the one travel accessory they can’t do without. Whether it’s to help you get to sleep on the plane, shut out the noise of the street below your hotel room or just to help you sleep during the day until you get used to the new time zone, ear plugs are invaluable.

Hand gel – as travellers become more aware of hygiene issues, disinfectant hand gel has become one of the most popular travel accessories. It enables you to keep your hands clean even when there’s no access to clean running water, so it can come in handy any time, any place.

All these travel accessories and more can help to make your trip a breeze.

Source by Gill Perkins

Can not Send Email While Traveling

Scenario: You are a business person traveling around the world. You just got to your hotel room, turned on your laptop pc and are ready to answer to those very important emails that arrived while you were on the plane. So, you open your Outlook, Thunderbird or whatever email client you have, and start answering first the most important messages. Once you finish, you click on the "Send" button, totally confident and relieved because you needed that mail sent with extreme urgence. Oh no … what happened? You received one of these errors: smtp 550 error Unable to relay to user relaying denied mailbox unavailable or not local Server Error: 550 Error Number: 0x800CCC79 553 sorry, that domain is not in my list of allowed rcpthosts Server Error: 553 Error Number: 0x800CCC79

Why does this happen only when you are traveling?

Most Internet providers use two protocols to send and receive mails: SMTP and POP. SMTP (or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the one used to send email out. When you are home, you are connected to your ISP network. Since you are already in that network, you will not have problems to use your ISP's SMTP server. But when you are in that hotel room you may have problems doing it, since you might be connecting from a different ISP network. So, it is pretty normal that you can not send emails from a different location

So, What Can You Do About That Relaying Denied Error?

There are many things to do. You could check if it is possible to enable the authentication when connecting to that SMTP server, so you can tell him "I am not a spammer" and be able to send emails wherever you want. You could also use web mail, but I am sure it is not the same, when you have all your emails well organized in your Outlook folders.

Going back to our scenario, maybe it is 1 am and you can not contact anyone to check about the SMTP authentication or webmail. Is there another option? A very valid solution to your email sending problems is: smtp2go.

Source by Luis Parra

Leadership Qualities of Mother Teresa

If not for her leadership qualities the Albania born Mother Teresa would not have risen to great heights to win the hearts of the millions of people worldwide. She served the poor, orphaned and dying people for more than forty-five years and never ever was tired of her service. When the people affected with leprosy were considered as untouchables, she extended her service to them and cared for them by starting many homes.

When she started her missionary work she had only three saris and a five rupee note in her hand. She proved to the world that one can achieve anything in this world even without money. When she saw orphan children dying out of hunger she went to a bakery man and begged him to give some bread. The enraged man spit on her hand. But Mother Teresa told him softly that she would keep the spit for herself and begged him to give something to eat for the poor and orphaned children holding out her other hand. The man realized her gentle character and later donated her with bread whenever she needed. This incident shows her magnanimity, one of the wonderful leadership qualities in her.

She was so simple and humble that she never cared for her own comforts. The sari she wore costs only one Us dollar. The white sari with blue border has become a symbol of peace and solace to the poor and destitute. She knew very well that if she should heal other people she must suffer herself and this was what she stated to Princess Diana once when she met her. She took initiatives during a famine in Ethiopia, spread the message to the then Us President Ronald Reagan and he sent his help to the place with food and medicine.

Mother Teresa was very humble and never cared about her own image, a rare quality that could hardly be seen in any leader around the world. Whenever she happened to travel in flights, she used to collect the leftover food from all the travelers on the plane and distributed the collected food to the hungry and needy people. Though she had no money many times, she never hesitated to beg to help people.

She was extremely courageous in helping people suffering from leprosy. She never was tired in helping the refugees, blind, homeless, flood and famine victims and lepers. The poor and forlorn people were brought to the homes and they were given medical attention. They were given an opportunity to die with dignity and during their last moments, the Muslims were read the verses from Quran, the Hindus received holy water from the Ganges and the Christians received the last Rites. Though she was a Christian, this is just enough to portray the best leadership quality of generosity in her.

After her death on 5th September 1997 she has been memorialized through museums, educational institutions, films on her life, Mother Teresa photos and Mother Teresa videos. Though this world lost a great leader, she left thousands of followers to spread her message and take up her service.

Source by Suhaina Mazhar Sumazla