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This is a 100% pure cotton fabric with beautifully crafted floral print in green, yellow, pink and white base.

Sale for: 1 Yard
Width: 44″ Inches

Cotton is without a doubt the most prevalent fiber in the world today and its evolution has been nothing but spectacular. Known for its durability, breathability, strength and versatility, comfort, visual appeal cotton fiber has many achievements to its name such as one bale of cotton fiber produces 215 pairs of jeans, 249 bed sheets, 409 sports shirts or 313600 one-hundred dollar bills.
In addition to its softness, durability, breathability, some other characteristics of cotton that are well known are briefed as below:

– Easily washed and/or dry cleaned
– Easy to handle and sew
– Conducts heat well
– Easy to print on

No wonder, cotton fabric is a natural choice for fine garments, dresses, pants, shirts, baby clothing, home décor and furnishing items and any other project requiring a gentle touch and long-lasting wearability.

India’s association with cotton is long known. The production of cotton was widespread throughout India well before the emergence of ‘Christianity’. The cotton cloth weavers of India have been known since the earliest days of recorded history. Cotton reached the shores of England in the 1600s, as the East India Company began importing delicate textiles including cotton from India.

We at ‘TheClubVintage’ take great pride in our collection of finest and purest cotton procured extensively from the various cotton producing regions spanning across 8 states. We believe that each fabric says its own story and we deem it as our responsibility to bring to the fore these beautiful fabrics embellished with scintillating designs, delicate colors and distinctive patters which have been hallmarks of Indian craftsmen for many centuries now.MATERIAL-100% Cotton, SIZE- 44″ Inches
For more detail about the Fabric please see the description.